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Why The Ravens?


The short version of the story of how we became Ravens is as follows...


Our AHERT team was competing in Amarillo, TX where we had a successful day, but felt notably lost without an identity that allowed us to participate in the celebrations with the other teams.  They had logos, mascots, colors and distinction from the other teams.

Some members of our team thought "Why don't we have all of that excitement about our team"  Upon explaining how school's have many teams and clubs that share a common mascot and colors etc they decided that there was no reason why we couldn't have that too.  So began the process of creating our identity.

The colors were voted on and became black and red.  The Raven was suggested by one of our youngest team members.  Upon discussion and research we decided that it was the perfect animal representation of home schoolers.


- Ravens are the most intelligent of the birds, and it has been argued that they are more skilled than the chimpanzee.


-  They are misunderstood and considered to be from a dark place, or as outsiders.


-  They are one of the few birds who can soar, not just fly.


-  They are independent but when they work together they can achieve great things.


-  They are strong, beautiful and ever present throughout history.



AHEC is an organization of homeschool families that come together to provide opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach as individuals.  Many incredible programs exist for students to explore, grow and hone their talents, but often they can only be done in groups, or are best nurtured in a group setting.  This is our main focus.  We want to be a source to help open opportunities to students that are otherwise unattainable.


This goal has brought us to participating in programs such as FIRST Robotics, Battle of the Books, National Junior Classics League, Science Olympiad, National Home School Honor Society, Stanford's Education Program for Gifted Youth , now called Gifted and Talented, Toastmasters International and service programs such as Roots & Shoots.  As an official, federally recognized 501c3 and an official business in the state of New Mexico we have the ability to serve as official proctors for exams and reviewers of achievements which then allow students to be eligible for things like membership in the National Latin Honor Society or other achievements which require official certification.



If you are enrolling in a program for the 2015/2016 season please fill out the information below after carefully reading the Behavioral Agreement.  If you are unable to get a space you will NOT be invoiced for your membership or program fees, but we will keep your info on file in case someone drops out of the program you are interested in.


What are the Membership Fees?

      If you are not a Program Leader (see below) there is a $50.00 per student fee per year.  This allows you unlimited access to programs.  Any additional fees are for program specific costs.


Where do the membership fees go?

NO FUNDS GO TO PAYING LEADERS.  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All funds help provide important resources such as our Nest space, where our programs are held, scholarships and materials for our programs.  Your fees will go toward the same programs that your children participate in.  If that program has no immediate needs the funds will go to help other AHEC programs.


What is a Program Leader?

     A Program Leader is defined as an instructor or coach of an AHEC program, including Sci-Oly.  Think of these people as being the people, who without them, we wouldn't have the program offered to our families.  In addition anyone who is serving on the Board of AHEC is also waived the membership fee.


How come some programs have additional fees?

     Some programs have fees that are required by the National Program that our AHEC group or team is participating in.  The NJCL charges us per student to take exams, FIRST charges us to register a team etc..


Is there a scholarship opportunity?

     Yes, please email to get info regarding our scholarship program.  We want everyone who wants to be a part of AHEC to be able to do so.


I have multiple kids, is there any discount?

     We can offer a discount of $10.00 per child after the first student.  This is not the case for individual program fees as we are charged for each child regardless of relation.


How do I pay my fees?

     You will be emailed an invoice to pay via Paypal.  You DO NOT have to join Paypal to make a one time payment.  If you prefer to mail a check, you will find the address on your invoice and can mail it in.  NOTE:  Membership is not complete until payment is made.














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2016-2017  Academic Season Registration is NOW OPEN

Please review our programs


The goal of the AHEC is to provide students with a community of support for their various interests and talents. We want each child to find the resources, opportunities and

inspiration they need to succeed in achieving their goals. It is with this goal in mind that we have chosen to develop a standard for behavior. This is to help ensure that we are providing an atmosphere for success.


To begin we must clarify that AHEC is not a social group primarily. There are wonderful social groups throughout the Albuquerque area that can meet the need for park days, play dates and field trips etc. While

we want to encourage strong friendships and partnerships among our members, it is not our primary focus.  Therefore classes, events, and programs should be first viewed as opportunities for growth and development

not as a time for playing around or engaging in behavior which can limit a student or groups success.


We ask that each student understand that being a part of AHEC means:


* Respecting all members of AHEC, including other students, siblings of other students, parents, mentors and teachers. We define respect as treating each person with

value, listening appropriately, using appropriate manners and language, and following directions or accepting guidance when needed.


* Not teasing, or bullying another student.


* Participating effectively in class or group events.  Arriving ready to work.


* Not bringing toys or devices that cause distraction.


* Projecting an image of professionalism and respect when at events representing AHEC or itʼs sponsored



* Never cheating or engaging in behavior that is considered dishonest with regards to oneʼs work or projects.


* Following any rules as outlined by a specific program leader.


Failure to live up to these expectations will result in one warning which will be communicated to the parents as well and if the behavior continues, removal from AHEC programs.